The Washington Post Sunday - 10 Jan 2021

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Republicans fight back on impeachment push
‘The truth is, nobody told us what to be ready for’
Trump pressured Ga. o∞cial in separate call
The deadly path of Ashli Babbitt’s radicalization
On the Hill and on their own, as police lost hold
End of the line
Big year for big business
Only the lonely?
Sunny 48/30 •
The Sunday Take: Stinging rebukes shape the president’s final days.
@PKCapitol: Schumer is poised to realize a dream.
Strain: Companies that backed Trump face a reckoning.
Twitter ban: Trump scrambles to find new social network.
Timeline of an insurrection: How the day unfolded.
Arrests: Two brash figures from siege are in custody.
State appeals Pebble mine permit decision
Honduran president linked to drug case
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Ex-federal agent charged in Florida:
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Trump supporters, opponents clash in San Diego:
For Trump, the end is coming with stinging rebukes
Breyer faces calls to retire amid Democratic advantage
Chicago teachers balk at reopening plan, face pay loss if they don’t return
Trump’s expensive and complex flurry of executions could continue this week
Election misinformation most repeated by Trump at rallies, in Ga. phone call
Schumer poised to realize dream of Senate control — but with razor-thin edge
Trump’s call to Ga. elections investigator draws scrutiny
GOP aims to quash efforts to impeach
Companies that stood with Trump and benefited now face a reckoning
Police departments across U.S. probe whether officers took part in riot
Trump supporter in horns and fur is charged in mob action
‘The storm is here’: Air Force veteran dies in her fight for Trump
Black Americans reflect on a brutal week: ‘We’re back in the same fight’
Pentagon says lack of planning kept quick-reaction force on sidelines
Lawmakers pleaded for help as fear set in
How Jan. 6 became a day of historic ugliness in America
Groups warned attack was being openly planned online
After Twitter ban, Trump scrambles for new platform
Threat of an attack on the Hill grew via pro-Trump forums for weeks
Battling the nation’s ‘dirty secret’
‘Why would anyone want to kill him?’
Airliner carrying 62 believed crashed
N. Korea’s Kim threatens to expand nuclear arsenal:
Blockbuster storm wreaks havoc in Madrid:
Albanians rescue 50 refugees trying to reach Italy by boat:
Children dying of hunger at Yemen hospital after U.S. cut funds
Britain delays second doses of vaccine to combat variant
Pope to get vaccination, calling it an ethical duty
Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip — both in their 90s — receive first doses
A hunger crisis that worsened last year is set to grow more dire
‘The truth is, nobody told us what to be ready for’
Yes, Congress should impeach Trump
A fast-tracked impeachment isn’t justice. It’s pointless revenge.
This GOP needs to go the way of the Whigs
Finally, we’ve seen the last straw
Our Capitol, our pride
January is the most horrid month
D.C.’s right to defend itself
Preventing the next election crisis
Biden must do more to fight China’s crackdown in Hong Kong
The good that unfolded alongside the bad
Will free speech survive the digital age?
This isn’t the civil war the GOP needs
The meltdown
No one watches the Capitol Police closely, says law professor Rosa Brooks. No wonder they failed.
Were human innovations driven by autism?
Biden loves the Senate. It won’t love him back.
What it was like to be married to top Nazis.
Five myths about loneliness.
Holding up the FBI as an ethics exemplar.
Trump would regret pardoning himself.
Why didn’t the police see Trump’s mob coming?
City dwellers are less lonely than rural residents
Open-plan offices deepen relations with co-workers
Loneliness is a Western phenomenon
Loneliness is mainly a mental health problem
The elderly are the loneliest generation
Fake outrage can be good politics — until it starts a riot
Biden’s decades in the Senate won’t help now
The riot happened because the Senate acquitted Trump
If President Trump pardons himself now, he’ll be walking into a legal trap
Even before covid, the poor were often cut off from family
A sweeping lecture on the kinds of thinking that spark invention
The real housewives of the Third Reich: Wealth, power and petty rivalries
Explaining the nature of reality, a theoretical physicist gets down to the basics
James Comey on the values of the justice system, and why they matter
The FBI as a model of accountability and ethics
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Open spaces that no longer provide comfort
Pandemic sets legislative agendas
After clashes with Trump, Bowser aims for statehood
Not far from the Capitol, a Black mother faced a haunting choice
2 of mob’s brashest figures arrested
In Annapolis, lawmakers will weigh how to tackle complex crises
Michael Apted, 79, was the innovative filmmaker behind the “Seven Up!” documentary series.
Completed in an era of violent disunion, the U.S. Capitol is a lasting symbol of a strong nation.
Answer Man dives deep into the meaning of “cave-dweller” in D.C.’s blue-blooded society.
Study examines effects of limits on long-distance flights at National Airport
GAO recommends FAA create system to track helicopter noise complaints
3 private teams bid on Md. toll lanes
Going spelunking with Washington’s blue-blooded ‘cave-dwellers’
Daily caseload again hits record high
The year’s first freeze, but far cry from 1970’s
In Maryland, little hope of a speedy trial
A lasting symbol of a nation both strong and unified
An election-year challenge for Virginia
McAuliffe betrayed Virginians and the environment
Looming elections, redistricting are likely to affect Va. legislature’s priorities
Md. lawmakers set to tackle pandemic, economic crisis, racial inequity issues
Even with a Democratic-controlled Congress, statehood obstacles remain
Social media identifications prove crucial in multiple arrests after Capitol riot
It wasn’t just the Capitol that was under attack
D.C. leaders seek more autonomy under Biden
Trump will be first president to skip successor’s inauguration since 1869
Liberty University sues Northam, calls financial aid policy discriminatory
Filmmaker behind ‘Seven Up!’ documentary had eclectic Hollywood career
Chinese pianist was bridge between East, West
The Weather
Prosecutors seek to revoke bail of Va. Beach man who appeared at Capitol
Reaching the end
Kemp is lighting up Seattle again
Heinicke sparkles in Smith’s stead, but the Buccaneers are moving on
The riot at the Capitol led Maryland’s players to speak up and forced a cancellation for George Washington.
With Bradley Beal sidelined by the NBA’s coronavirus protocols, the Wizards fall to the visiting Miami Heat.
In their biggest move of the offseason, the Nationals bring in slugger Kyle Schwarber on a one-year deal.
Nationals, Schwarber agree to one-year, $10 million deal
For health experts who love college football, this season was painful to watch
Crawford opts to retire after two Stanley Cups
CFP championship game:
Virus issues bench Beal before Washington’s valiant loss
If the NBA expands, Seattle and Las Vegas want in
Coronavirus concerns mount as the 76ers play shorthanded
Kemp is trying to diversify weed industry, but he has critics
Kemp is trying to diversify weed industry, but he has critics
Washington puts up a fight to remember in first-round loss
Cleveland gets three back from coronavirus protocols, but Ward is ruled out
Washington was a resilient team all season, and it just kept fighting until the end
In for injured Smith, Heinicke impresses
Fournette steps up
Brady’s still got it
Playoff woes continue
Rams’ defense silences a strangely shaky Wilson in Seattle’s usually rowdy home
At last, Buffalo gets a postseason win
It’s time for golf to make a clean break from Trump
Subject’s reticence handicaps ‘Tiger’
Ravens relish their shot at redemption vs. Titans
Capitals’ blue line expected to play bigger role
Hu≠, Hauser and steady defense spark Cavaliers past Eagles
Hoyas’ woes late in first half prove costly in fifth straight defeat
American teen nets Bundesliga hat trick
Players from Maryland and Iowa made joint decision to kneel one night after riot
Jones boosts Longhorns on leukemia anniversary
Capitol chaos forced GW to cancel a game and Massachusetts to flee the city
A revealing trip down the Sunset Strip
In the arts, a new labor movement
Opera is taking new forms. Its survival may depend on it.
Striking views of a warming planet
An Adirondack canoe trip for covid times.
Jon Bon Jovi gets political — on his terms.
Looking to Hopper in times of isolation
On stage or on soapbox, but never both at same time
Dealing with a mean, manipulative partner during the course of breaking up
For these actors, it’s not political theater
A grim statement on WWII feels hauntingly fresh now
In Hopper’s Paris, a preview of quarantine
Online, in person and through the mail, opera explores new ways to reach out
Nature’s beauty enlisted in defense of a damaged planet
Cruising through the decades on the Sunset Strip
Cruising through the decades on the Sunset Strip
A stylish mash-up of Japanese genres and African American culture
What do you say to a relative who always shows up late? ‘Welcome! C’mon in!’
Auguration Day: The year in preview Non-prophets: Honorable mentions
New contest for Week 1418: Tour de Fours XVII: Just UNDO it
Answers to last week’s puzzle.
Paddling through a painterly landscape
Psychedelic retreats continue to mushroom
A laid-back alternative to downhill skiing
With remote work on the rise, here’s how to prep for a long-term trip.
Take a cocktail-by-cocktail history tour of seven U.S. states.
A taste of the local spirit
More time away means more effort to prepare
Paddling the Saranac Lakes in New York’s Adirondack Park
The hard work of going away for a long time
Ease winter’s ups and downs on cross-country ski trails
Psychedelic mushrooms attract visitors with their therapeutic properties
Thousands lose jobs as companies flourish
Blocked in U.S. by China’s WeChat
How to handle an old boss who won’t accept your promotion.
Tax season 2021 is here — and it could get ugly. Here’s what to do.
Working (out) from home: As gyms shuttered, other options have boomed.
Pandemic’s home-workout revolution may stick around
I’ve been promoted, but my ex-boss still tries to oversee my work, assign tasks
Chinese political censorship has invaded U.S. via WeChat
An already bumpy tax season could get ugly, so file early and electronically
Despite profits, jobs are still cut
U.S. stocks rise to record highs in a tumultuous week in D.C.
Maintaining work-life balance when working from home
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