The Washington Post Sunday - 1 Dec 2019

Table of content - The Washington Post Sunday (1 Dec 2019)

As fish vanish, so do Tombwa’s riches
50 years later, banished ‘Black 14’ return to campus
Trump muddles British election
High praise for civilians who subdued attacker
Warren’s health-care policy struggle reshapes contest
Our dangerous fear of pain
NASA’s women problem
RGIII embraces role with Ravens
Cloudy, rain 49/41
A valuable history
Targeting landmarks
In the Democratic race, more confusion than clarity
Witness in La. hotel site collapse is deported
Washington Post iPad app
Montana town’s toxic-waste battle reaches high court
Airman kills self in police confrontation
Ex-campaign worker settles harassment suit:
Two children dead after truck swept away
Suit claims Boy Scouts overlooked abuse
Booker’s oft-repeated claim about gun deaths in his lifetime vs. all U.S. wars
Goldman Sachs seeks to rebrand as Democrats debate taxes on uber-rich
A rapid drop in polls as health-care dilemma consumes Warren campaign
McConnell once called Biden a ‘friend.’ Now he’s quiet as Trump, GOP attack.
In Hong Kong, China again looks to ‘patriotic education’
Businessman charged in death of journalist
Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian throwing gasoline bomb:
A relative of one of the 39 Vietnamese
Iraqi prime minister turns in his resignation:
Opponents of coalition win party vote in Germany:
Critics lash India’s ‘regressive’ new trans rights bill
U.N. climate talks gain fresh sense of urgency
A crisis in the water puts Tombwa’s future into question
Feline faces don’t betray their feelings, study says
Scientists discover new black hole with a mass 70 times that of the sun
Decades after their dismissal, black athletes mull school’s attempt at amends
Proton Therapy: Latest Advancement in Cancer Treatment
Attacker had prior conviction in terrorist bombing plot
The mystical history of the narwhal tusk gains a new chapter in London
Mayor applauds those who fought o≠ attacker, including a Polish immigrant
In Britain, an unpopular Trump casts a shadow over the general election
Jay-Z personifies hustle in America
A worthy alternative to student loans
We need a major redesign of life
Nixon went quietly. Would Trump?
A better approach to life expectancy
The damage done to Ukraine
The killing of a violence interrupter
No tomorrow for climate action
Semiautomatics aren’t for hunting
The SEAL should give up his trident
Bill Weld deserves more traction
Give this fruit a chance — or three
Progressives’ Trump
A craze that should have never happened
Our dangerous fear of pain
The many fights to confirm Brett Kavanaugh
How drug reps push doctors to overprescribe
My friend overdosed. I was arrested.
No, country music isn’t only for (or by) white people.
The founders of Fusion GPS defend the Steele dossier.
An unusual biography illuminates Thomas Edison.
Travel misery is inevitable. Thank big corporations.
We knew a lot about doctors, from their birthdays to their prescribing habits
Police treat people who share drugs like dealers. It doesn’t help anyone.
Banishing pain doesn’t work. Teaching patients to live around it does.
Country music
Country is red-state music.
Country music listeners are mostly working-class.
Country is white music for white people.
Country singers write their own songs about their real lives.
In the past, there were more women in country music.
Air travel shows what happens when we give companies ruinous power
Kavanaugh’s confirmation fulfilled more than just his own ambitions
Explaining the Steele dossier — and how information flows in Washington
Inside the State Dept. fight against propaganda
Thomas Edison’s brilliant life, told in reverse
‘It’s a drop in the bucket’
O∞cers accused of misconduct got new jobs
A dazzling holiday display — in a salon
Cummings’s wife spent heavily as party chair
Hogan approves parole for two lifers
Vision Zero growing as tool to cut road deaths
Star Trek set a course for Washington when the franchise’s first film premiered in 1979.
James L. Holloway III, 97, was a decorated wartime aviator and later chief of naval operations.
The exoneration of three Baltimore men show we must protect youth from a corrupt justice system.
Suburbs embracing strategy to protect pedestrians, cyclists
Still under scrutiny, FAA flexes authority in final stages of Boeing review
Star Trek set a course for D.C. when first film premiered in 1979
Salisbury University announces new tactics to combat racism
After mistrial, man accused of rape will face lesser charges
Extra trash collection uncovered and halted
Pedestrian in road fatally struck by SUV
Congress should let D.C. buy RFK Stadium
We must protect children from a corrupt justice system
A strike could determine the future of transit
Our charitable giving needs a boost
Attorney: Accusations against o∞cers were ‘highly credible’
Despite boost, federal aid for child care doesn’t meet need
Md. lawmakers consider governor’s sway in parole system
A D.C. salon’s whimsical, weird winter wonderland
Cummings’s widow defends heavy spending while party chair as strategic shift
An early-evening Venus as bright as a spotlight
Top Navy admiral later probed the Iran hostage mission
Scholar’s interests ranged from chess to chests
The Weather
RGIII embraces role as a ‘QB2.’ He still thinks he’s a No. 1.
Buckeyes remain perfect with some unneeded help from imperfect Wolverines
Way more than one of the NFL’s top punters
The Hoyas can’t build on their trip to Madison Square Garden and suffer a home loss to UNC Greensboro.
Alabama falters against rival Auburn in the Iron Bowl, taking a 48-45 defeat that dashes its playoff hopes.
Last night’s Capitals-Red Wings game ended too late for this edition. For coverage, visit us at POSTSPORTS.COM.
Bulldogs bend early before breaking down Patriots
Loudoun Valley’s boys and girls bring home titles
Tigers rally, end Tide’s playoff hopes
No. 16 Fighting Irish extend 10-win streak
Badgers secure trip to Big Ten title game
QB Herbert wins final home game for Ducks
Buckeyes dominate the Wolverines again
Terrapins show fight but fall short in season finale
Hoosiers get eight wins for first time since 1993
Flames run wild to earn their first berth in bowl
Gri∞n’s star dimmed but not his desire
Allen may get extra scrutiny
This week’s games
Ravens’ ‘D,’ once struggling, blitzes a path to dominance
Ravens’ ‘D,’ once struggling, blitzes a path to dominance
Keys to the game
History puts Ravens-49ers Super Bowl in new light
More than a punter, Way is ‘a man of many talents’
Dressen returns with win in downhill
After 30 years, this could be the one for Liverpool
Cardinals rally to hand No. 1 Ducks first defeat
Terps go on a 42-0 run and blow out the Bruins
Three-pointer at buzzer spoils Rams’ comeback
Hoyas follow uplifting trip to New York with ugly loss at home vs. Spartans
Youth doesn’t lie: Growing pains plague Wizards
Provorov, Philadelphia extend Montreal’s skid
Sacramento storms back from 17 down to win in OT
Altamont: The anti-Woodstock
A special Richmond exhibit explores Hopper’s paintings of hotels
It’s Dolly Parton’s world, and we just live in it — as a new Netflix series and a podcast show.
More than 50 years later, Dolly Parton is still pulling fans’ heartstrings
This photo is a window into life as a kid before social media
Helen Levitt (b. 1913)
Riding the whirlwind with thrilling, doomed Whitney Houston
A treat for lovers of movie musicals
Altamont’s end to the ’60s — chaos and death
From Iron Man to one of the Watchmen
Making theater for ears? Hear them out.
At American University Museum, a world of atmosphere from three exhibitions
Places in Paper
Still Here
Decision whether to remarry rests with widower, not child
Worthy of an extended stay
Bad-askery: Honorable mentions THE MIDDLE SEAT IN COACH
If the Q fits: Ask Backwards winners
New contest for Week 1360: The lyin’ in winter: Seasonal fictoids
Answers to last week’s puzzle.
A brain tickler where ‘perspective is everything’
Mom’s carping is ‘water off a duck’s back’ to her, but her hubby’s tired of ducking
In Slovenia, a river connects past and present
Find peace at Florida’s ‘Mayberry with sunsets’
There are ways to make your trips eco-friendlier
What to expect when traveling in business class
Check in, then head out
On the tempranillo-tasting trail in the ‘Sonoma of Spain’
If you go
Channeling Odysseus, a family goes on an epic Greek sail
Spain’s Ribera del Duero offers sophisticated wines amid a rustic setting
If you go
Slovenia’s stunning scenery contains relics of a perilous past
If you go
A fight to protect one Sackler from opioid crisis
Weather is big business. And that could be trouble for the public.
Saudi Aramco is profitable, but its IPO will come with risks
Saudis want to use Aramco IPO to diversify away from oil
Even after statute of limitations on unpaid debt expires, there are risks to weigh
A banner year for women at NASA, but they remain glaringly in minority
‘He died over 30 years ago, and he’s the scapegoat’
Public, private interests at stake as weather business grows
Stocks end November with weekly gain as volatility eases
How to handle that unexpected interview question
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